Glenn S. Wrightson.........for Mayor of Atlanta, Georgia -

For the Service Term of 2018 through 2021                       

"Providing Cooperative, Smart and Practical Leadership"
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Running for Mayor of Atlanta because:

the Check Engine Light is on at City Hall -  

the City needs new leadership to re-boot the operations - to obtain improved efficiencies

of the need to focus on core City Services / Deliverables

we need to say "NO" to Casinos in Atlanta - 

of the need to work to reduce Water and Sewer Rates

of the need to eliminate the 911 call center surcharge from the Solid Waste bills 

of the need to Reduce the Budget of the Mayor's Office ( $30,000,000 per year is too too much ) 

needing to Eliminate Plastic Grocery Bags

needing to Restrict Gas-Powered Leaf Blowers

of the need to stop un-necessary spending ( NO MORE FANCY BANQUET SPENDING ) 

we need to have decisions made from the perspective of the Citizens

we need sensibility in City Governement 

of the need - ( and the list goes on ) 

Your Vote is Your Voice !            

Forward this to your friends ! - Pass the word - lets re-boot City Hall