Glenn S. Wrightson.........for Mayor of Atlanta, Georgia -

For the Service Term of 2018 through 2021                       

"Providing Cooperative, Smart and Practical Leadership"
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Water and Sewer

Atlanta has the highest W & S rates in the county - 

With the growth - although the conservation measures are productive - we should review the revenue target and adjust the rates down - if possible 

The meter boxes should not be locked - customers should be allowed to turn off the water at the street and read thier own meters to confirm the usage 

The meter readings / billing shoud extend another decmial - so the bills do not fluctuate with no change in usage - ( for example - if a customer uses 3.4 CCF per month - he is billed for 3 CCF one month - then 4 CCF the next - due to rounding - and his bill increases some $12 - $13 - or more for the same usage 

Need to monitor - bring under code restrictions - above ground backyard swimming pools 

Should have used the Motel - Hotel tax to lower W & S rates - instead of building a second football stadium -