Glenn S. Wrightson.........for Mayor of Atlanta, Georgia -

For the Service Term of 2018 through 2021                       

"Providing Cooperative, Smart and Practical Leadership"
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Major issue for the City to take the lead and set the example - 

Not have service vehicles setting idling by job site for hours on end 

Restrict Gas-Powered Leaf Blowers

Eliminate Plastic Grocery Bags

Lower Energy Usage at every opportunity 

Generate carbon free energy where possible 

Accept used tires - shred them - use for asphalt / street repair 

Adjust theromsat in All City Facilities 

Use Video conferencing where possible to limit travel 

Better timing of Traffic Signals to move cars more efficiently 

Prepare for driverless cars and promite installation of electirc charging stations - 

Expand Mass Transit - Add 1 mile of MARTA rail per year - minimum