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Affordable Housing

Wow  -  Is this not a major topic - not only here - yet around the globe -

The "haves" have no worries about housing - and the "have nots" have nothing but worries about housing - along with food and personal care - 

The inbetweeners - are gradually feeling the pinch of rising housing costs - 

The most important measure the City can take with regard to affordable housing - is to not waste tax dollars - over spending and over paying - 

The City does not set the property assessment amounts - nor the School System tax rate - nor the County's tax rate - nor the Funds for Grady Hospital - it only sets its tax rate - which is determined in part by what the City spends - 

The City does not set the prices of houses - and it only can control the spending of Tax Dollars - 

Affordable Housing is not something the City can control 

The City could adjust zoning regulations to allow construction of mini houses - and geodesic domes - which are the most economic to build - living area wise 

This is an individual problem that has gained multi person recognition - we must prepare for increased population thur prudent ideas going forward - and monitor / control spending as best at possible-