Glenn S. Wrightson.........for Mayor of Atlanta, Georgia

for 2014, 2015, 2016 and 2017                     "Practical Solutions for the Common Good"   
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Who is Glenn S. Wrightson ?

For starters, I am a long time Alanta resident.

Our family moved to Atlanta in 1960.  We lived near the old Governer's Mansion - then in Morningside - and have lived in Grant Park near Hill St. for 35 years


Spring Steet Elementary School ( now the Pupperty Arts Theater )

Henry Grady High School

Wake Forsest University - B.S. in Business - minored in Biology & Classical Greek

Worked with an engineering firm for 22 years before starting own consulting company,

Career work involves Budget Analysis, Financial Forecasts, Feasibiity Studies, Cost Allocation and Utility Pricing

Have served as an expert witness before State Regulatory Authorities and provided Certification of Feasbility for the Issuance of Bonds

Single - no children brother........ a geologist living in Albequerque NM.

I help manage parents' affairs - they have been married 66 years and reside in an Assisted Living Facility near Decatur.

My father worked for / retired from Fulton County Government - he was with Family and Children Services and signed the welfare checks for Fulton County. My mother worked part time with Kelly Girls as a temporary Secretary.

I enjoy restoring houses, sailing, yard work activities, reading ....classics or non-fiction... learning about world religions, theoretical matters, economic concerns, scientific discoveries, and anything else that is thought provoking.

Have read most, if not all, of Buckminister Fuller's work. He was the visionary of issues pertaining to matters concerning mankind in living circumstances and sustainability.

Have empathy and understand that people are different yet enjoy thoughtfulness and kindness.

am interesed in solving problems 

do not smoke or drink alcohol.

would be a good Mayor for Atlanta. Would only serve one term ...for 2014, 2015, 2016 and 2017.

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